The Life of Brandon the Busking Bush

by BAD

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The Musical + The Back from the Dead Movie
Christchurch > 07

A news report tells us that after 15 years Brandon the Busking Bush has returned.

Yeah, not much of a musical which is a shame because you had some good lyrics that were spoken by the brother during that sibling conflict scene. I did enjoy the music waves from the trumpet - it was a nice touch. As always, musical is tough. You gave it a crack, landed some nice camera chots and had some fun.

While I didn’t understand much of the story, I certainly found it entertaining parts of the way through, my favourite scene being the busking with the trumpet.

I think one of your downfalls was focussing a lot on the opening scene with the news anchors, with some important dialogue that wasn’t the easiest to understand. A simple radio announcement or TV screen in the background of shot would’ve been quite effective if paired with the shot of the bush man emerging from the bush and walking into town etc. That way we would get the full context of the bush character from the beginning and the story would’ve been easier to follow.

Loved the trumpet guy, made me laugh a lot, those little graphics representing the sound was very funny too.

Something that distracted me a little bit was the fact that your lead had been missing for 15 years when he looked 14, just a thought for next year, unless you can make it super convincing that they're old, it's best to just stick with your strengths (which in your guys case is the fact that you're young, make sure you use that!)

I was constantly flipping between 'scoffing' and 'extremely impressed' and admittedly that unnerved me. This film is far too brilliant for its own good, and I see real heart behind it. The effects on the trumpet were cute (for lack of a better word) and the cinematography was impressive. As others have said, it's not that much of a musical, but who cares?! It's a film.

Alexander Jones
city manager

A team which clearly really enjoys making some stuff, I could hear you guys giggling through your heat (as well as your film in some parts). Put a smile on my face.

I think this might be the most resourceful "we weren't prepared for musical" musical I've ever seen, jumping from music-less songs read off scripts, rythmic dialogue and royalty free instrumental solos - and these landed pretty well with the audience.

I think, beyond a story line I didn't quite understand, my main issue with this film would be the tonal issues- pretty strange to see a movie about a walking/talking bush coupled with serious take downs by his brother (I think?). It's hard to take the drama seriously when the comedy is so silly.

As for your title, "The Life of Brandon the Busking Bush" is great and intriguing.