One More Chromosome

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The Last Day on Earth Movie
Christchurch > 06

The earth has a problem - a virus is raging which is taking out all but the most special of people.

This surprised me.., a lot. If you concentrated on the technical side of the film then you might say it's a bit lo-fi, with the audio in particular needing some work. However, the relationship between the young girl and her grand-father was excellent as was the whole premise of the film. I felt for the characters and also the actors who did a great job. The grandfather going off into the fields - why did you do that to me? It really hit my heart-strings and given how usually that's a cold, cold place I was suitably impressed. Of all the films on Friday night this one stayed with me the most.

This was very very sweet, and I loved seeing all those animals! You guys are awesome, keep it up!


You guys did really well - Amazing talent! The most amount of animals in a film so far - pity that this film wasn't an ULTRA because you met the criteria well.
The two main performers were touching, very heart felt and memorable. Didn't understand why the grandfather left?
Overall it was a beautiful film and ended really well.

A very sweet tale with a clever premise and execution.

Alexander Jones
city manager

Man. This film has such a quiet peacefulness to it. I really really got absorbed in the atmosphere.

A really cool take on the genre too, told by the only people who could tell it.

I really liked the scenes of the main girl pretending to swim in an empty swimming pool or walking through the deserted streets. I made a "Last Person on Earth" film a few years ago and it was so hard to make the world look empty, but this one pulls it off way better than mine did. I got some very rich "Children of Men" vibes from this film.

The main thing that let's it down is a rather hard-to-follow story. I picked up that the titular one more chromosome was the key to surviving the apocalypse, but not to clear on where we go to from there. Not sure why the older man leaves the girl and wanders off into the wilderness- though it was very effective visually.

I think of all the films I watched this year, the atmosphere of this one stuck with me the most.

As for your title, "One More Chromosome" is clever, and speaks to the central conceit of the film. Well done team!