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The Heist Movie
Christchurch > 06

The world and its people are dull and lifeless. We go back three weeks to find out what went down.

An interesting set-up for this short that takes you to one place, puts some questions in your mind, and then initiates a heist for an unexpected prize. Enjoyed the Avengers style circular tracking shot even if it did go a touch too long. As with many Heist films this year I was taken out of it slightly by the character titles/labels (eg The Muscle) coming up on screen. I guess this is a trope of the genre and is the Oceans series to blame? Good music in this one.

You guys had some great stuff in here and I thought the twist at the end was pretty neat (you had me wondering the whole way through how your robbery was going to impact the start).

A comment about the scene where the camera was going around the three leads, the more light you have in your scene the more control you can have over the look later on, the low light made this shot stand out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the film.

This film really only left me confused unfortunately. It felt like two halves of a movie that didn’t fully connect. We needed a bit more of a connect than just the name of the bank at the end being the reveal. I think this reveal relies too much on the audience to piece it together in their head as opposed to visually telling us the story the way it unfolds. I also found it hard to understand what the characters motives were for the heist apart from “something like this has never been done before”. I mean, if you were going to rid the world of emotions, you’d need to have a pretty good reason for it.

Possible improvements could be to make the characters in the first half of the film the same ones who rob the bank, or instead playing it in chronological order, and showing the impact of the heist throughout the world, and possibly some realisation in the characters as to what they’ve done, or at least some poetic justice for them.

Alexander Jones
city manager

A pretty damn creative idea for a heist film- I find it pretty funny that this year we got a heist film about stealing emotions AND a heist film about stealing colour.

As MistaTeas points out, this film falls into a couple of cliche traps, with heist team member nicknames coming up on screen, and a pretty by-the-books sequence of them stealing the goods. I would have liked for something a bit more original.

The opening of the film was probably my favourite part, though at the same time I don't know if we needed to see the emotionless world to begin with.

As for your title... oh damn I just got it! Sick double meaning team.