Wish For A Jeanie

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The Wish Movie
Christchurch > 06

Our lead needs to meet someone, so when a genie appears the wishes he's granted may just help him find what he's looking for.

A sweet little story here that is well acted by our leads and develops into a nice twist. You kind of fell into the trap off doing long takes and wide shots in some scenes which impacted on your audio quality. Next time, try and get in close for these scenes, capture the emotion and get better audio. Also watch the 180-degree rule. Break it on purpose; not through carelessness.

This film intrigued me at first but then took a bit of an odd turn when the relationship seemed to get a little over-dramatically serious over what didn’t appear to be a terribly long amount of time, also considering the maturity of the characters themselves.

Alexander Jones
city manager

This team has a lot of potential, some promising storytelling skills and a good sense of humour.

Getting a genie because you matched with them on Tinder is a really great idea.

However as it stands, there are a lot of ways this film could improve- I really wish you hadn't filmed a lot of it in a such a darkly lit room.

I also found myself pretty befuddled by the main dude's final wish- of all the ways he could have set her free, was taking her place really the only option?
He could have just wished her to be free, or just not even made the 3rd wish at all. By taking her place, now they're both alone and unhappy.

You could have contrived a situation where he has no choice but to take her place, but that's not how it worked out. Maybe work on higher stakes for next year!

As for your title, "Wish For a Jeanie" is alright, nothing special.