Graded Exposure

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The High School Movie
Christchurch > 06

A support group for people with High School phobia meet to share their issues.

This looked good and the flashback sequences were nicely integrated. Plenty of good humour and the cast were 100% committed to their roles. Personally, I'm kind of over these support group films (and I've done one myself in 2010) but the audience got into it. Well done!

This film has its moments. I must say I was a little confused by the actors playing multiple characters at the same time and it took me some time to understand which ones were from the support group vs just the bystanders. I think the issue lies with the film cutting from the support group to the bystanders, and the audience assuming that they are the same characters, and not realising who they actually are until we see the main characters on the race track.

Alexander Jones
city manager

Really really great stuff in this film, some super funny lines and moments.

Ultimately though, I'd have liked to have seen a bit of closure instead of all of them succumbing to their afflictions in the end- almost felt like we needed an extra act of them finally resolving their issues.

As for your title, "Graded Exposure" works perfectly fine.