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The Heist Movie
Christchurch > 05
Man this week end was so much fun To the question will everything go according to plan the answer is an hilarious big NO Ultimately it is what the 48hours is about. When we were putting the movie on the usb stick we didnt even know how this movie was looking like. Coming back home and having a look was brutal!! A part of me wished I didn't handle the movie on time,but this feeling didn't last long cause I was over all very proud of what we've done as a team, in 48 hours with what we've had! I really appreciate all those feedback and agree with all of them. I wasn't even expected to have any!! All those mistakes were a great way to appreciate every aspects and skills that are required to make a movie,. I am really looking forward to learn more about it, special editing!! Will never ever do this again with only one computer !!! Hoping next time we can deliver a more balanced movie and keep the same great vibe we had making it...Lots of Laughs!!

A really cool idea to use a tv show format! True to form with the title screens and the music, i can imagine its something that would be pretty hard to pull off in 5 minutes. Was let down by your technical side, and i would have liked a bit more of the characters to come through. I was left feeling like all I'd watched was an advertisement for the restaurant!

Firstly, congratulations on creating a short in 48hours!
What I liked:
-Twist on the game show theme. Matching music.
-Cringe-dramatic feedback given by presenter- typical of those type of shows!
-Elimination rounds!
What I would improve on:
-Sound- always left to the last minute! (I didn't have time to watch mine carefully through to the end and make improvements either!)
-Some transitions were a bit repetitive- perhaps the titles could have been designed to match the heist, rather than an ominous (yet stylish) bubble/blob/smoke thing.
-Maybe some more serious consequences for the contestants who failed. (I did find the "I hate this stupid TV Show" part funny- did I quote this correctly?)
Thanks again for a fun addition to the evening.

An interesting format. Great to see some less conventional styles at 48hrs.

What this really needed was to shorten the entire show, and focus it more on the characters, with perhaps only one challenge. I feel that we missed some of the action, perhaps due to time constraints, and were too focussed on the game show side of it. Was also expecting a fake ad-break in the middle to really play into that TV show format, which would've been a great addition to the film.

Nice work guys - the Heist genre is difficult and quite hard to not fall into the mission impossible trope. To bring something unique and interesting - good on you!
Let down by the technicals and the pacing was a bit slow. Would have loved to see some kind of ramp up in the heists and some sort of twist ending.
Keep it up guys!

crime game show with crime yea lets go peeps!

You had a great start to this with the first round and seeing how they all break in, but after that it started to fall a little flat, and I couldn't even see what went on in the final round, so overall a great idea that needed to really finish strong for it to work, keep it up guys! see you next year.


A Reality TV show about amateur robbers competing to be the best.

So another one of these but at least it did stay consistent to its format. Unfortunately audio was not synced in some scenes and even plain missing in others. On screen titles were cool and the tasks the robbers had to do were interesting enough. We didn't get to know the characters outside of their various descriptors so it was hard to root for any of them. I wonder if you could have ditched the game show idea and still run this as a comp between gangsters competing for their boss's approval? The actor playing the host of the show would have made an excellent boss.


Congrats on the achievement - getting a film done to this kind of deadline is a ridiculous task and you did it! As you're already aware, this had a few technical problems like missing sound, so I won't belabour the point too much. It's a shame, because I think you had a clever premise - the heist game show - but then never quite delivered on the opportunity for me. The issue for me was in these kind of reality shows you get to know the personalities of the contestants, and all four of them never really said anything. We didn't know who they were, or how they differed, so you couldn't really get invested like you would in a real competition show. The first one went well, but then "getting out of the house" felt like a weird challenge, and the stealing a recipe fell a bit flat. It didn't really give me any rising tension or excitement, and then it just ended with crowning a winner. I was hoping for more of a twist.

Anyway, good luck with the competition and hope to see you next year!

Alexander Jones
city manager

The makings of a really solid idea here- though do be careful, as I wouldn't want you guys to do a TV show based on the genre every year.

You have a beginning, a middle and an end, which is a plus, however the format of the film kind of leans into this by default, and beyond eliminations, there weren't really any exciting developments. Maybe someone could have been robbing the actual show while the show was happening?

The last challenge felt a little bit too much like product placement to me. I smell a sponsorship?

As said above, the audio cutting out, while not your intention, is such a welcome addition. Every 48hours heat needs at least one film with a glaring technical issue, it's cathartic for all of us and when people laugh, they're laughing out of comradery not out of mockery.

As for your title, (which I'm pretty sure isn't "Emma Hughes-Martinet", did you guys screw up your online wrap up form?) "The Heist Score" is really clever, did you come up with the title first and base the idea around that? Or was it a happy accident?