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Paul's Appalling Day

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The Splatstick Movie
Christchurch > 05
Paul's life sucks. His friends are boring, and his love life is down the drain. Even so, nothing could prepare him for the beyond awful day that he is about to experience.

A fun ride. Made good use of editing to keep to the splatstick genre with the obvious limitations of a 48hr film.

Definitely entertaining, who doesn't like a good blood bath. Loved the ending - keep it up guys...


A radio report warns that drinking V is making people violent.

Not sure how clever it is to mock one of the competition sponsors but anyway it looked like you had a lot of fun. Some of the effects were good but overall the story was pretty weak and it felt like it was a long 5 minutes.

A few cool shots. But yeah having participated in this competition for over 10 years, the V thing is a bit tiring. Would have been better to have mini-guns. Lots of them needed to hose down the zombies.


I enjoyed this one team! Good to see some fresh faces having a crack at a classic splat genre. You had some good gore and action effects, some fun moments, and an actual narrative arc with a callback joke to 'the lean in and kiss' for a strong end note. A lot of teams with much more experience and bigger budgets do worse jobs at actually telling a satisfying story than you did. I loved that one of your mums was in the back of shot in the kitchen just getting shit done while you guys were in the living room preparing to fight zombies. SO GOOD. And the V thing was fine - if there was ever going to be a carrier for a viral outbreak it would probably be the already radioactive energy drink! Structurally, I think you were a little bit top heavy, spending a bit too much time in the living room in very static positions, and not quite enough time out and about in the action, but hey, it's 48 Hours. Going forward, maybe think a little bit more about some snappier editing, and what you do with the camera (particularly to liven up conversation scenes and amp up the motion and adventure). But nice work - good luck for the finals and I look forward to seeing what you make next!

Alexander Jones
city manager

Splatstick looks like it was one of the trickier genres to pull off this year, but at the same time, a team like this were probably the exact right people to get it.

You guys have some great ideas, with the V infection and things like that. I would have liked to have seen this same degree of storytelling permeate through the rest of the film.

As for your title, "Paul's Appalling Day" is a great little poetic title, though I feel Paul' character could have been more front and center.