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The Wish Movie
Christchurch > 05
Erik & Leo are here to save the world from the evil Zorg and their leader Zupreme Zorg. Join us next time on ....Erik & Leo! (Why is there a dash in our title?!)

Man I was going to use the quarry! I really appreciate the time this team has taken with their imaginative costumes and more innovative use for tinfoil than Patrick Troughton's era of Dr Who. It would be great if more teams went out of their way to take risks and do this. Actors were dedicated to their characters, and I enjoyed myself. Next time, add a mini-gun for top marks. JJ

Loved the creativity and pure effort that went into this film. The fact that you guys committed full heartedly to ultra by using real children AND real animals is admirable. Costumes and set design were imaginative and impressive. It's always clear from your films that you guys have so much fun. Good work teeeeam.

Sooooooo cute man this one made me so happy. Great costumes, great visual effects that reflected the style really well. I see a TV series brewing!


Some nice work as always by the Jagbogs! So cute to go all in on the Ultra and do a kid AND an animal. Some nice production, costuming and performances. I did feel that as much as you were leaning into the Batman '60s of it all, it came off a little bit disjointed for me. Perhaps one too many cuts back to the globe interstitial and a bit of a missing throughline? I was also expecting to see a bit more of a narrative bow on the end of it - you just killed off the dog and then... he's dead. Was waiting for the magical resurrection, or the floating dog spirit, or new puppy with the grown up hero or... something. But nope, just a dog sacrifice and we're out! If you were doing one of those '60s shows I think it needed to be either the unrealistically happy ending, or the tune in next week cliffhanger. But look, it's a fun romp and an ULTRA challenge and so who can pick that many nits?

(P.S. Curious to know why their costumes had different letters to E & L!)


Synopsis above so check it out!

Certainly achieved the 60s Batman-esque TV show feel and look. Good effects, mad-cap and crazy, doubled-down on the ULTRA with a kid and dog. Aside from that there's not a lot here in terms of story and I think it went on a touch too long and bordered on repetitive. Loved by the audience though.

Love what you guys did with Ultra.

Absolutely friggin delightful

Great Fun, City Finalist for sure.

Alexander Jones
city manager

Ugh. Guyssss :(

Let the record show I voted for this film and thought it was a safe bet for the finalists, but was outvoted by the other judges. So in this review I'll say what I love about it, as well as try to explain what exactly prevented it from moving forward.

Right from the get-go this movie puts a smile on your face, diving headfirst into Ultra with BOTH a child AND an animal. The z-grade prosthetic effects are completely justified by the 50s TV serial aesthetic, I'm a sucker for this kind of thing in 48hours.

The story arc was a little convoluted, but the strong points are obviously the characters, with the kid (...Leo?) nailing his lines with youthful glee and Erik (...the dog?) being a very well behaved pupper- with his voice actor being so clean and crisp and period appropriate it hearkened back to the "Serial Stuff" segment which used to be on "What Now?" in the 90s (this has to be the most niche reference I've ever made in a 48hours review).

I also loved seeing the kid all grown up at the end. Killing the dog was a gamble, it certainly would have made what must have been an excellent finale to this TV show.

Characters are great, Locations are great, Aesthetic is great, Prosthetics are great.

When it came down to selecting the 15 finalists, we really had to start measuring and comparing films on a microscale, which is where the discussion around story began, and for "Erik & Leo -", this is really the only area where we fall flat. Which sucks because this wouldn't have even mattered in other years where the competition wasn't as fierce.

What you've got is simplistic, and it didn't really need to be anything more. I think the need to connect it to the wish genre kind of fell apart here, and a couple of the judges and I weren't actually 100% sure what the wished contract that Erik (the dog?) signed actually entailed.

I didn't quite understand everything that went down in the film's climax. I wasn't quite sure exactly how there was a betrayal between the two leads, and this confusion was shared by a number of the judges. These are such nitpicky problems, and as I said, had it been up to me I would have put this film through, so I'm just trying to clarify how truly close this film came to getting through, and therefore how truly incredible this year's line up was.

I have been following ya'll at JAGBOG since you made "She'll be Right" back in 2011, and I hope you feel my sympathy for you this year as sincere and not in any way patronizing or pandering. I absolutely loved "Erik & Leo -" and I really hope you don't feel so discouraged that you don't return next year, because I can't wait to see your next production.

As for your title, "Erik & Leo -" is clearly the best title- though unsure why the dash is left in there. Haha.