Boy Meets Girl

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The High School Movie
Christchurch > 05



legit theme that hits home. Acting was awesome, technical and editing was slick, a very well made film. you got a few giggles with the cuts of the girl which was a shame. Props to you guys and hope to see you next year!


I thought this was an admirable effort but I had a couple of difficulties with it. It had some nice production, including the locations used, the camera work, and the edit. Mostly I struggled with it narratively, as it felt like it hand waved a lot of character history, plot mechanics etc. necessary to really connect with the characters. It was almost like the five minute montage at the end of the finale of a season of TV, if you know what I mean. We jumped right to the moment when this woman snapped, but we didn't really know who she was before the guy came into her life, so I wasn't really invested. (This also explains the audience's tendency to laugh during the climax - they didn't feel connected with these people or know what the stakes were.) I totally get that short films - and particularly ones done on crazy weekend schedules - are fighting for time in every sense, but next year I'd love to see you try and construct a story that gives us a more complete journey from start to end. If we've been on the ride with your characters, we'll be more invested. Anyway, just my two cents. You have some nice skills on display - all the best for the finals!


A couple of teens are on a crash course due to their wild, drug-filled lifestyles.

So, obviously looked good and achieved a fairly consistent tone. However, one classroom scene and a school uniform doesn't really a High School film make. Little in the way of character development meant I didn't care less about our female lead. Relied heavily on shock scenes of drug taking etc and the gun was so foreshadowed it might of well had a sign on it saying "Use in the third act". An attempt at something hard-hitting that doesn't quite get there.

I loved this- this kind of thing happens more than you thing at various stops around the Port Hills. I enjoyed the editing around the final shootings. 5/7 mini-guns from me.

Alexander Jones
city manager

Really breathtaking cinematography, and for better or worse this is the film's biggest strength.

From the get-go I was immediately intrigued, and while there are makings of a great and tragic story here, I think I would have preferred something more original with a bit more meat on the bones, and at least one character I liked enough to invest in.

The killing at the end was fairly jarring, though that may have been the point- I get mad "Heavenly Creatures" vibes from this film, and this story played out like something you'd read in the paper.

My advice would be keep building into your story, and throw in some twists and turns and conflicts in there. As it stands, this film is basically just one character's descent, so it would be cool if there were a few more complications along the way.

I can easily see this team making the finals next year and beyond with cinematography as good as this.

As for your title, "Boy Meets Girl" is deliciously tragic and simple.