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The Musical + The Fish-Out-of-Water Movie
Christchurch > 04
Jos Morgan

Props for actually going all-in on the musical concept. A decent lead performance in a film that culminates in an undeserved final scene.

The idea of rebellion could have been explored a lot better, though I get what the team was going for.
The ending really ruined it for me. I don't at all buy the suicide and I felt like it wasn't built up to at all. There was really an "Oh dear" moment in the audience when people realised that was what was happening.
A decent performance from the lead actress and an alright voice performance from the mother.
I think that if the film had ended without showing the mother's face, it would have been more effective.
Again, the ending really came out of nowhere and was a real downer in what was really close to being one of the stand outs of the heat.

Well done for completing a 48hour film!
What I liked:
-I really really enjoyed the 'Nanny from the Muppet Babies' thing where you didn't see the mother's face. Some very creative shots and a terrific way to get around using age appropriate actors, as well as possible problem solving when key acting crew are unavailable.
-A solid effort at attempting a musical. A nice twirl at the beginning, followed by a curious shot into a tree to transition(?) into the next shot.
There are a few improvements I felt could have been improved, such as the sound levels, lip syncing etc and perhaps editing could have been tighter with a wider range of cutaways etc to use, but overall a nice attempt at producing a short in 48hours.

This was a solid attempt at a difficult genre, good use of camera angles to disguise the reveal of what the mother looks like, the suicide felt a bit OTT considering how happy it seemed at the start, would have liked to see maybe the mother change her mind after remembering her past and reconciling with her daughter, but overall liked where you went with it, nice job!


Izzy walks to school by herself - warned by mum not to talk to any strangers. I think she wants to be a rapper?

Nicely shot and the rap was good. More of this would have improved this film a lot!

Alexander Jones
city manager

I admire the full on attempt at musical here, and the story ain't too bad either.

I guess I'm just not sure if it's supposed to be a comedy or a tragedy?

The suicidal ending combined with the mother's rap god tattoos kinda made the film a touch tonally confusing.

This team could easily go far in the future if they hone their craft because the basics of storytelling are already there.

As for your title... Hmmm, I'm not sure I get why you called it "Consequently".