Death by 'Natural Causes'

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The Film That Spans More Than 10 Years
Christchurch > 04
Jos Morgan

Nice concept; relatively effectively done. No complaints.

A really fantastic take on the "film that takes place over ten years." Really creative and hilarious.
A lot of the camera work felt like it could have been a bit tighter and some of the murder attempts were a little too ridiculous for my liking.
Fantastic physical progression of the characters, it really felt and looked like they were getting older as the film went on and some really solid performances to go with this.
I really liked the attempt to link the beginning to the end with the juice box, but I feel that the lollipop would have been more effective as it was the first way one of the characters tried to kill the other.
Really great twist with the voodoo doll and a lot of clever and creative aspects to the story that made this film entertaining and very funny.

Was a tight short. You kept to genre very nicely and were creative. The leads did well and there was a nice few laughs thrown in to boot. Overall though was just alright but defiantly much potential here so stick at it!

Well done for completing a short film in 48hours!
What I liked:
-Narrative was overall well paced, with effective jumps to different time periods and a good level of relevant age appropriate acting.
-The expressions: Particularly the character's EYES after the ladder incident!
What I felt could be improved:
-A wider range of close-ups/long shots, faster moving camera shots with some tighter editing could have really helped play with the emotions you want to extract from the audience.
I know how hard it is to work within the time constraints, but I felt at least you made an enjoyable short with a clear message. Well done!

This one made me very happy. Loved the note at the end.

I would have liked to see a montage of different murder attempts just to get the point across (and the humour) of how many times the lead tried to murder her friend.

You guys have some great ideas I can't wait to see what you come up with next year.


A girl has been trying to kill "her friend" quite a few times. Over 12,000 times.

Good humour, technically better than most and a really good job done at aging. Liked this and it was one of the stronger films in the heat. Nice job.

Alexander Jones
city manager

Super funny idea, great interpretation of the genre.

I admire this film for sticking with it to the end, and the end was actually pretty satisfying and full circle.

My main gripe would be that not every attempt to murder her friend was really an attempt at all, she can't have planned for her friend to choke on an apple after all.

Still, good stuff, and as for your title, "Death by 'Natural Causes'" is pretty cheeky.