One Last Day

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The Last Day on Earth Movie
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Jos Morgan

Fun to watch, but feels more like a loose collection of moments than a film - at feature length, I really enjoy movies that feel like loose collections of moments but in this five-minute format following a tangential narrative can be a struggle.

While the concept was fantastic, the execution felt quite ham fisted with serious moments being undercut by weird choices in dialogue and performance.
A lot of the camerawork was incredibly janky and the editing felt disjointed and uneven.
The connection to the characters was broken very early on in the film when it is revealed that one of the characters had cancer.
There is also a sub-plot about leaving people out which had no impact on the film and was shot in a pretty cramped and claustrophobic.
I love the attempt at a darker tone here, a lot of entries opt for cheap laughs as a pose to leaving an impact, however this film didn't quite hit the mark and really dragged during the montage section.

So much potential with the genre but was quickly thrown away with this vlog storyline. Could have fleshed out the emotional element that you started with but what we got was a migraine inducing shaky mess. Felt like you guys just had to run with the idea you got with a challenging genre.

Congratulations on completing a short film in 48hours!
What I liked:
-Powerful message tackled. Inspirational.
-easy to follow story. ) I feel stories like this don't need to be feature length, despite what other reviewers say, as I prefer watching action spectacles on the big screen and leave dramas for television)
What I felt could be improved:
-Consider a wider range of cutaway shots/close ups etc when planning and storyboarding to help the editing flow more interestingly.
Thanks again for your input. I look forwards to see what projects you take on in the future.

I liked the vlog style but sadly the thing which distracted me was the fact that this girl had $10,000 and didn't seem to use it for anything, I think it would have been a lot more complete if you dropped that line, and it would have made a lot more sense why she was just simply enjoying her day where she was instead of going to Hawaii or Disneyland lol

Also there seemed to be an unresolved conflict with that other guy? bit confused, maybe you just ran out of time to get that part working, keep it up guys looking forward to next year.


A voiceover tells us that our lead has stage 4 lung cancer and only a day to live and spend $10,000 on whatever they want.

Gave us a sweet tour of CHCH and it would have been great to have had more of this culminating in an ending that pulled our heart strings more. Had a wonderful, natural feel to it and captured some very natural and candid performances.

This team immediately deserves huge credit for having the courage to take on a serious and meaningful topic-what would a person do if she had one day to live? It is much easier to try and get some laughs or to show off a clever idea, which is what most teams end up doing. The difficulty for a team which tries something deeper and more serious is that the margins for error are small, and even smaller given the short timeframe.

After taking all of this into account, this film was a great achievement and the team should be proud. The idea and the script and the acting were all great-taking into account the inherent difficulty factor.

I hope that this team continues to try to take on difficult topics, rather than taking the easier options. If you do, I suggest trying to delve even deeper into the characters' thoughts and motivations- and then their actions-given the circumstances they face. If you do this, you may find that it solves plot issues such as those identified in other reviews. It may also mean that it is not necessary to actually state your message in writing at the end of the film. A well told story conveys the message itself.

Alexander Jones
city manager

This film kind of feels like you guys gave up on it halfway through and just decided to film a vlog.
Interesting way to start a film, but any kind of story elements kind of fall away, beyond that other guy who was left out, but there's not really any closure to this.

I would have liked to have seen a little more commitment from the actors as well, I didn't really believe the main girl had cancer, and she didn't seem to be very upset that she only had a day left to live.

As for your title, pretty on par for a Last Day on Earth Film. A little more originality would have been welcome here.