The 3 Undateables

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The Heist Movie
Christchurch > 04

Film had a decent story but wasn't made very well. You guys have so much potential and I hope you guys stick together as a team and I'm excited to see what you do in the future.
Next time focus and audio and steady out the camera! Good effort guys!

Jos Morgan

One of the strongest films in this heat! The three lead actors are brutally funny. I wasn't entirely clear on the narrative the whole time but it sorted itself out by the end,and the gags worked the whole way through. Great, great, great performances, and the highlight of the heat with the drool. Nice make-up work too.

I love the extensive use of slow motion with epic guitar over the top, I feel that it really added to my enjoyment of the film, however
I had no idea what was going on for most of the film. I feel that the team really need to work on their narrative/ story telling skills.
A lot of it felt quite improvy/ everyone wants to get a joke in which is common in 48 hrs entries, especially this year.
I am excited to see this team develop their skills and produce more work in the future. This is a really solid film to build off in that regard.

It is such a funny movie and it really shows us what kids can do when they work as a team

Firstly this team was extremely young so props for doing what you were able to do. Age aside this short was cute and genuinely funny but when compared to the rest of the heat this was quite the anomaly because it really seemed to hook the audience but when looking back the story was almost nonexistent. Though the gags were perfectly timed the story seemed completely lost in some poor camera work. The story didnt quite seem to come across until the end so against the rest of the heat this short didnt stand up for me but they seemed to be the youngest team and they should be extremely proud but.

Congratulations on making a short film in 48hours!
What I liked:
-Quickly established characters
-Gunshot wounds!
-Great enthusiasm from the acting crew
What I think could be improved:
-Age appropriate actors- although the police boy had a terrific expression!
-Some shots could have been tighter- like the climbing out of the car window. Maybe consider close-ups or cutaways shots when planning/storyboards to incorporate to make editing flow more smoothly?
Look forward to seeing what projects you complete int he future!


It was so creative and funny

Had some great gags in here which made me laugh, but I didn't really know what was happening until the end when you started talking about money, make sure you create enough room so that your story can be clear while including all the funny bits!

I just want to jump ahead and say how much I love this film, can’t wait to see it again.

Now let me Elaborate...

The whole thing on paper is a pretty standard silly lighthearted typical school teams take on a 48hours film.

And i’ll admit that part of my enjoyment of this film is taking in not only the story the team intends to tell, but also the greater real life story of a group of friends making a short film one weekend. (Side note, this team may have single handedly changed my mind regarding the ‘school teams should use their actors in age aproprite rolls’ thinking)

The advent of YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and other special media is that there’s a new format in short film, one where production value truly doesn’t matter. And the line between real life and fiction blurs. It’s that kinda low budget line that sketch comedy has always existed in.

But as a traditional short film it’s just amazing how much they get right so right.

The writing, performances, and especially the editing is razor sharp. On the surface it looks unpolished and messy. And while it is both those things it’s also incredibly well constructed and competently made all at the same time.

This team doesn’t care about the camera, the camera is a tool that they us to tell their story and their jokes. And boy are the jokes funny,

The quality of comedic timing in this film is better than I’ve seen from far more experienced ‘comedy focused teams’ and that might be down to the age of the team and the kind of energy and sensibility’s they bring to their film. (New generation of filmmakers vs old)

There’s also an energy present this film that comes as a direct result of the fast turn arround 48hours format. But that would be equally at home in a viral video you might see on facebook.

If it was up to me, I’d put this in the City Finals without a second thought. but that’s really going to come what the judges think are looking for in a winning short film. (The Swede style might work against them. Yes the image and sound is below average, although is might be above average for a school team, i actually cant remember any issues I had with the technical nature of the film, but that might have been because i was sold on the film very early on)

So with that in mind, best school team? Best newcomers? Best bad film even? I sure hope you win something.

(Audience favourite during the school heats means absolutely nothing by the way, yours was the best film in the heat)


We meet a group of teens with their own special abilities. They are "The Team".

Some nice chunks of humour, good blood and a fairly well-constructed short. Good performances from the cast and plenty of potential for the future if you stick at it.

Three girls head out to steal something and end up with doughnuts. This was all the storyline required to showcase some very funny and engaging characters doing funny and engaging things. I hope this team continues to make films and that they do not lose their creativity, spontaneity and cleverness.

It was amazingly funny and creative

You guys are so talented


It was very funny well put together I loved how the doughnuts became the goods you did very well considering your age you all worked well together the sound quality was excellent great job looking forward to more movies you can put out

Alexander Jones
city manager

A lot of promise for this team. The story was a bit of a mishmash but the energy is almost intoxicating.

Probably the epitome of the "you guys clearly had fun making this" kinda film.

The story works for the most part, but the characters are clearly the strongest element of the film.

Some great pieces of comedy too: The girl calling her dog only for it to run past her, the drool, the donuts, the gunshot. Good stuff.

As for your title, I'd have preferred if it was titled something a little more relevant to the story or the heist genre, but "The 3 Undateables" it is.

I thought this was an interesting take on the heist genre, though unfortunately the film came across as quite a bit of a mess. Don't let my score dissuade you however, you have plenty of promise that can be totally refined into something pretty amazing one day.

Your film would be greatly improved by mentioning the plot towards the beginning and that would give your film a fantastic boost and improve it a whole lot. Best of luck if you decide to continue