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The Time Travel Movie
Christchurch > 04
Jos Morgan

Another heavy-handed message movie; which is a brand of movie I have a direct aversion to. Uno sequence was a big plus.

Some really solid editing here and there, but the score felt very upbeat and out of place quite often.
I wasn't really sure about the message of the film seeing as the protagonist is cast out from the group for playing uno correctly, while there's a character in the film who bullies another member of the group consistently and faces no consequences?
The entire time travel aspect of the film was really convoluted and I wouldn't have been able to guess the genre if it wasn't said at the start.
Effective use of the puddle and really fantastic juxtaposition between when the characters are friends and when they aren't.
The colour grading was, I hate to say it, awful. It gave the whole film this sort of washed out salmon-coloured tint which wasn't particularly appealing visually.
The camerawork and editing meshed really well for the most part and there were some fairly solid performances from some cast members, and some less good ones too.
I would love to see the team develop their narrative skills and work on integrating the genre more elegantly into their works in the future.

Overall, a real Ruckus of a time.

Congratulations team on completing a short film in 48hours!
What I liked:
-Colour offset. Brought back memories to several years ago when I first discovered the filter. I was mesmerised by the effect on the white (knitted?) jersey. Woah!
-The idea that the puddle was the key to unlocking the door between dimensions (I think). Cool links to other Sci-Fi themes, like that on Fringe, Stargate etc.
What I felt could be improved:
- Try editing layers for effects, like filming a background plate, then without moving the camera, place the actor in. Then merge the shots using a cool transition. See how you could use this to your advantage in the future. (If you already know this, apologies for my ignorance. I know how tough decisions can be to make in the final hours!)
Thanks again for a thought provoking short.

Last year my film was a movie called 'A Ripple in Time' so when this showed up I started to squirm a little haha.

You had a great idea although I think was a little crowded at the end with the uno thing not making complete sense and then ending rather quickly afterwards. Also wanted to suggest in the future you don't put your camera on low angles up against a fully white sky, it's quite distracting to have this huge amount of white behind the actors, it's better to shoot face on to get some of those lovely trees :)


Do two girls have a falling out here and there's a time-travelling puddle?

Nice idea, but the actual cause of the falling out remains rather cloudy in my mind. Some good effects and passable acting in parts. Keep making films and don't be swayed from tackling serious issues. Wacky comedies are a dime a dozen in this comp.

Alexander Jones
city manager

What stands out about this film is that the team behind it clearly have an understanding of story structure. There's a distinct beginning, middle and end in this thing, which is more than you can say for a lot of school teams.

That being said, while the foundations of the story are in tact, the actual specifics of the beats could use some work. Mainly, as some other reviewers have pointed out, playing UNO correctly isn't exactly something you should be mad at your friend about, and if someone didn't want to be my friend coz I kicked their ass at UNO, I probably wouldn't want to be their friend either. This is all to say, I think whatever the main character did to piss off her friends, it should have been something a little more hardcore- stealing from them or ignoring them or killing their cat or something like that. Her sin was being inconsiderate, and you can show that in many different ways.

I was also little confused with parts- this is the 2nd of 3 time traveling puddle movies where the time travel is only obvious because that's the genre I know it is. I also didn't really understand the scene at the end until it was explained to me.

Still, this team shows so much promise. The ability to write a great story is there, the camera work is mostly acceptable (aside from a few odd shots), and the editing is GREAT.

As for your title, I think "Ripple' is a little cliche for a time travel movie. I'd have called it like, "What did I do?" or "Why you mad?" or something. hahahahh.