Keeping Up With The Kill Slashians

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The Splatstick Movie
Christchurch > 04
Jos Morgan

Really fun movie. The team themselves nearly ruined this for me (INCREDIBLY vocal audience members; talking about key moments before they happened so the whole audience could hear) but I'm here to review the film and not the team, so: pretty good production value (esp. for a high-school team) on the gore front, the film absolutely loses its way halfway through (what on earth happened after the chicken???) and it peaks during the opening credits. But, man, those opening credits are good.

Really really solid performances, especially from the Murderer.
Excellent comic timing, but the film didn't really have a lot to offer more than that.
There were a number of sequences that went on for way too long such as the sequence with the torch, and the chase sequence at the end.
A solid comedy, but not the best film on the technical side.

Some super technical sound wizardry at play here for a school team! I thought it sounded great in the auditorium.
What I liked:
-The serial killer character had some great expressions and good screen presence.
-The sound effects
What I felt could be improved:
-There was a considerable large portion of darkness, but I guess this added to the suspense.
-The editing could have perhaps been tighter in the end, but if you were anything like me and feeling tired at the end, I know how much harder it is to make accurate decisions in the final hours1
You guys are AWESOME for working together and creating a short film in 48hours. Make sure you look after your teachers as well, who put in a lot of their own time to make this happen, and I look foward to seeing what projects you create in the future!

From a very strong and funny start(some of the best gags in the heat) to a very convoluted and confusing middle and end. The gags hit well and you didnt take yourselves that seriously but ended up losing me as soon as we were in the kitchen looking for the perfect knife. The post interview, though funny, did seriously lose any pace it had and brought it to a stark stop just for some cheap laughs to an extremely random ending. Wouldve liked to see a more creative take on the genre as it was very stock standard but for a school team and compared to the heat you guys defiantly did well.

Really strong start which sorta fell a little flat at the end, that tends to happen a lot in this competition. Impressive effects, reckon the iphone shot was okay but might have been better if you just strapped on your camera for that. Lots of promise from this team I look forward to seeing what you guys make in the future!


Completely lost me. I think it's a mockumentary about killing? Very dark for the most part and lots of other random events. Will rewatch when you upload.

Alexander Jones
city manager

Hmm not sure about this one.
It seems like you kept changing your idea every couple of minutes, and I'm not sure what any of those ideas were actually about.

"What are you doing in my swamp" got a good laugh from myself and the audience, so well done for that. I think a lot of your humour was lost in how confusing the movie ended up being.

As for your title, "Keeping Up With the Kill Slashians" is hilarious, I love it so much.