Across the Galaxy

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The Star-Crossed Lovers Movie
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Jos Morgan

No idea what happened.

This film reminds me of where I was a few years ago. I think this team has a long way to go but they really shouldn't be dissuaded.
Oh God, now I have to talk about it.
The plot was incredibly convoluted and it wasn't particularly clear what was going on a lot of the time.
The scene in the science classroom was quite hard to follow but I got the general gist. I really think that this team NEEDS to sort out their sound design to make more movies like this because the audio was peaking like crazy.
It was shot nicely for the most part, though there were a few shots that lingered a little longer than was necessary.
The love story felt very rushed and not at all developed with one shoe-horned in "I love you" put at the end.
Good concept, poor execution.
Please try again next time because I felt the heart in this movie and how genuine it was. I feel that that's something missing from a lot of entries this year.

Sorry to say but i had no idea what this was about. Unfortunately it was completely forgotten in a school heat that started so strong and by the time this came around it was already were up against a lot. Keep at it and keep learning is all i can say.

Well done for completing a short film in 48hours!
What I liked:
-Commitment by the acting crew to their characters.
-Use of school science lab to quickly establish the situation.
What I was distracted by:
-I couldn't help giggling every time the boom mic dropped into shot!
-The fight scene at the end could perhaps have been enhanced by a series of quick close ups rather than lingering wide shots, which exposed the 'politeness' of the conflict. Difficult to pull off, even for professionals in a 48hour film!
Thanks again for your film, I look forward to see what projects you tackle in the future.

Hey nice job hornby, your school has been at this competition again and again I'm glad to see you guys sticking at it and enjoying the weekend. You clearly had a solid idea in your guys heads, I could tell from your performance that this story made a lot of sense to you guys. Sadly I think you didn't pay enough attention to some of the things that distracted us from that story eg. the boom mic dropping into frame, also wish we could have had another shot of who the science lady was talking to etc. All good learning things for next year, keep at it guys!


So, an experiment with an alien(?) is considered too dangerous so when the plug is about to be pulled our hero escapes with said alien.

Scientist type was a bit young for the role. Yes, boom in shot and in general audio issues. Had the potential to be a good story but we didn't really understand the issue or get to know anyone really. Chalk it up to experience and keep practicing.

Honestly, It's just a bit random.

What goes through people's minds when they receive there genre as star crossed lovers, then decided to make a C grade alien film and add some ridiculous reason to make the alien and main character in love just because the main character had an argument with her work colleges (as well as probably because they needed to actually half do there genre received). It seemed like time management was not the best in terms of creating this film because of how messed up the story line was. To improve it slightly, the team could of adopted non-linear storytelling to at least show what they were doing to the alien was "inhuman" or show more of a connection between the alien and the main character.

Alexander Jones
city manager

This film is a bit of a cluster, but don't let that dissuade you.

The team intro suggested to me there's a lot of love and enthusiasm in the team, so just keep tapping into that and as long as you're making films you love, then you're succeeding

As for your title, "Across the Galaxy" is kinda unoriginal in my opinion, though it fits both the alien plot and the star crossed lovers genre.