Cold Turkey

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The Fish-Out-of-Water Movie
Christchurch > 04
That one movie where everyone in the world has his girlfriend's face. also, geese.

Some really fantastic visual story telling here played to great comic effect. I would love to see this team get their hands on some better gear, but they definitely do fantastic things with what they've got. An absolutely hilarious romp which I really enjoyed from beginning to end.

Congratulations on completing a short piece in 48hours!
I felt that while the opening shots let the film down, the narrative really stuck and grew stronger, with a solid double click ending.
I really enjoyed the whip-pans- nice work! Some great play with dialogue too, planned well to use for transitional shots.
Also a clever play on words with your title and overcoming addiciton!

This film was incredibly relatable.

Okay so not really, but it was a lot of fun! You had some great editing moments in this which brought the story along quite nicely, my only critique would be the start of the film lingered on a bit too long with your leads getting ready, would have been good to see more of the main plot of him running around trying to find the girl then spending time at the house getting ready for something which goes by rather quickly.


When a guy plans to go cold turkey from his girlfriend he starts seeing her everywhere.

Good use of split-screen, excellent transitioning between shots for all the girlfriend seeing stuff and some really solid acting. Agree with comments above (again) that you spent too much time setting up. It was a great story so get into it!

Fantastic execution of a great premise

Alexander Jones
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Lots of wonderful moments of comedy in this film, especially the double hitter at the end with Charlotte's new boyfriend and then the main character himself looking in the mirror.

I agree with some of the comments above, there was a lot of unnecessary mucking around in the beginning, which ended up having very little to do with the films plot.

I would have also liked to have seen a bit more development in the story, but all this is stuff to work on for next year.

As for your title, I'm not actually sure how "Cold Turkey" fits into the film? Is this another geese reference.

Keep practicing geese. And please keep including photos of geese in your envelope.