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The High School Movie
Christchurch > 04
Jos Morgan

A few nice effects (the VHS filter, the nightmare sequence - nice work on the silhouette), but this team bite off a bit more than they can chew; it's all over the place tonally (lots of the crowd was laughing at moments I'm pretty sure weren't intended for laughs) and a sequence set during "P.E." class only contains three actors - obviously, you're limited by what you can work with in this comp, but it's presented in utter earnest and without the right sense of scope. But, for real: nice work on the silhouette.

I found this film really quite charming stylistically and in terms of performance and plot. It's really great to see some entries with a message and some theme exploration even if you don't quite hit it on the head and some of the editing is quite janky. Some great creative transition shots in there and definitely a clear and relevant idea being explored.

Well done for completing a short film in 48hours!
What I liked:
-The opening titles, appearing with the main character.
-Quickly developed characters.
What I think could be improved:
A continuity error when the teacher was inserted, but not previously established.
A few more cutaway shots to be intercut to make the pacing flow, and to make it a bit more exciting. (I know this is hard to do when energy levels are lower, and stress is higher in the final hours!) Something to think about when storyboarding.
Thanks for your short; I look forwards to seeing what you produce in the future.

First of all this team seems young so be proud of what you managed to achieve. Some of the effects were creative and used at just the right times to add to the story. On that note, the story was simple and kinda cute but did leave it a tad forgettable in such a large heat. Production is where this one starts to fall down though. Overall was cute but the poor production left it with not quite enough to stick the landing.


^ Loved that.

I'm not sure whether you planned to create a comedy, but I thought it was very funny, I loved how you left some shots to linger on to reveal the lead getting chased etc. I think that's where your balance was thrown off a little, trying to find that line between humour and serious message can be tough, keep at it guys!


A teen gets ready for school, he's late, he gets bullied. Welcome to his life.

Maybe I missed something but this started in the style of an old VHS tape and I'm not sure why. I agree with some excellent comments above about your battle between serious and comedic tones. To do either we really need to have some empathy for the character. The problem was the bullying wasn't really convincing in its execution. So, tell a story and let us get to like or hate the characters. Show us some emotion and keep practicing.

Alexander Jones
city manager

I'm not quite sure what this film was going for, and the ending was really sad, but effective.

My two big notes would be to find a way to be a little more clear with your storytelling, and to remember that closure is important. Your film doesn't have to have a happy ending, but it should feel complete.

As for your title, I'm not really sure how "Brute" fit into the story, nor if it should have been called that, but that might just be because I wasn't quite understanding the story.

I really liked your score. Thought it was absolutely fantastic. Keep it up! One of the issues with your film is the plot was hard to follow and took an absurd turn that didn't really make much sense. I suggest learning about the absurdity curve would really improve your storytelling. Keep up the good work, you have a solid foundation to build from.