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The Monster Movie
Christchurch > 04
Jos Morgan

A few nice obligatory drone shots, because if you have a drone why wouldn't you use it?

Not a very strong entry from this team, with a lot of what felt like ad-libbing to camera in a vlog like style.
I would love to see what this team can do with a solid script and a bit more work put into some more inspired camera work.

For me, this team nailed a few things:
-Actors playing characters their age.
-False reveal of monster (I think this was done really well, and it carried the film to the final shot)
I felt I didn't really relate to the characters at the start; they weren't particularly likeable, but that is what makes these type of films fun: Kill off the annoying characters.
I am sure the acting will improve as time goes by, and I look forwards to seeing further films by this team. It looked like you all had a fun time making it.

A funny lead but the monster doesnt mean go straight to the blair witch. Unfortunately there was so much potential in the genre and the talent, both on screen and behind the camera but story left it looking very bare when compared to what came just before it. You have to work on fleshing out the story and remember that dialogue can be used for more than just landing gags. Drone shot was a nice touch but story is key.

Yay drones!

Good concept however required some set dialogue for it to work on screen, was pretty clear that the lines were improv which is difficult to pull off when the shots don't cut to anything else, give yourself a chance to re-shoot things a few times before you leave location, the more content you can work with in post the slicker your film will turn out.


A group of actors and film-makers go into the bush for a film they're making.

I wish you'd made a choice to do this vlog style or not and stuck to it 'cos the drone shots while beautiful, took me out of the film - especially since most of the rest seems more vloggy. This is especially the case when you see the end. Lots of talking over each other, very little in the way of a script and not much tension. For next time, limited the amount of long takes you edit in or at least move the camera around if you do vlogging again so we're not stuck with long periods of the same shot. What you did do well was the false-reveal. That is evidence of your ability to plan and execute.

Alexander Jones
city manager

I actually really liked a lot of what I saw in this film, and I think the team definitely shows promise.

The obligatory drone shot, as obligatory as it was, was actually a really stunning shot so I almost don't mind.
(By the way, what people mean when they point out your drone shots as being obvious, is that often the cinematography of a film should be consistent, and actually somewhat reflect the film's identity. Horror movies use a lot of shakey shots to make you feel uneasy, dramas use close ups to focus on emotions, for example.
So in your film, which is partially found-footage, really didn't have any business having a drone, in theory. But, as I said, I actually really liked the shot.)

I think your editing could have been tighter, the improvising actors clearly run out of dialogue in parts, and so cutting around those pauses would have solved the problem.

I really like the idea of the bullied character leaving, and then all the other characters getting eaten by a monster, but if that had been at the top of your film, the rest of it could have all been about Geoffery escaping, being that the film is titled after him, I was expecting it to be his story, but I'm not sure if it was.

This of course, brings me to your title, which would have been great had the actual monster been named Geoffery, or as I said, Geoffery had a more central role.

All in all I'd say this team really shows a lot of promise, just focus more on your story telling- beginning, middle end, intro, conflict, resolution, all that basic stuff.

See you next year Em Cats!

Good attempt at a master movie, your monster was a definite high point of your film. Unfortunately, this film came across as quite chaotic, for example you were all speaking over each other which worked in part with your theme of confusion. This is most likely unintentional though. It would be a great improvement to slow down your dialogue a tad as if the audience can follow your story it will make it much more intriguing. Good luck next year