My Cousins Missus Carpooling partner and the Red Cards

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The Back from the Dead Movie
Christchurch > 03

High energy madness. Top notch special effects, I especially liked the fingers
Finished with a bit of a fizz, and the devils voice was hard to understand.
Loved the car scene.

This one I was thinking about on the way home - loved it.
The special effects were spot on and reminiscent of Bad Taste - blended with some good old Back of the Y.
Great humor throughout and I won't lie - my eyes closed on reflex as that paper cut came in haha. Shit.
Overall - loved the concept....must have been a real blast to make / destroy.
Keep it up lads.


A group of lads sit, drink and do the tasks as written on the Red Cards - a set of binge drinking challenges.

Great excuse to get on it this film with it's high energy and alcohol fueled themes. I was pleased to see the challenges progressed in difficulty from beer pong to some gruesome dares that noone said no too. Effects were great with the car a real stand-out. Audio let this down quite a bit but it didn't stop the audience getting along for the ride - and it was quite a ride. Love ya work!

You guys are insane.

You did a really good job at convincing me you were tearing each other apart, man that was impressive. A bit hard to hear the dialogue at times, but I don't actually think that matters too much considering how nuts you were all behaving, loved it.

Jesus Christ, i guess i must have blocked this film.

I was reading the other reviews, and still couldn’t remember it. Then someone mentioned the paper cut, my stomach flipped over, and the the whole film cam screaming back to me.

An absolute knockout from start to finish. It’s that sweded style that let’s this thing just get off the chain and fly arround.

City finalist 100% No Doubts.

Alexander Jones
city manager

Jeepers creepers.

For as much as this film tries to look like a low budget affair, the amazing practical effects tell me there are some very talented filmmakers on the team.
Best parts:
The eye papercut
Accidentally chopping off all the fingers
The car inexplicably crashing through the wall, I must know how you did this.

Even the story is pretty good, though it may have benefited if these guys went out on the town to fulfill the red cards instead of staying on the set.

A slightly stronger execution of the story, some higher quality image and sound, and not using a copyrighted song by the Vengabois would have guaranteed a spot on at least the shortlist.

As for your title, "My Cousins Missus Carpooling partner and the Red Cards" is absolutely perfect. I'm in love with this title.