The Full Picture

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The Heist Movie
Christchurch > 03

This was a pretty tight little short - gave a-lot to think about in 5 mins and threw up some real "what if" moments.
Well shot and edited with some room for polish - but that's what 48 is all about.
Good acting all around and really liked the theme music during the break in - perfectly placed.
Keep it up team!


The world is monochrome but people can see colour if they have the money to buy the right pills. A thoughtful man wants to treat his sibling so must complete a heist to earn it.

Nice tracking shots and a story that has a clear want for the protagonist. Overall, kind of slow paced even in the action bits but as mentioned above a reasonably tightly made short.

It was great to see how well you used Ara without making it super obvious that it was Ara. That's not easy to pull off, but you guys did that really well. A little lost at the end but thought it was still very sweet how it ended on a nice colourful shot.

Killed it in the production and the idea was creative and tried something so have to give props for that. Tracking shots were nice and the leads were good. Very complete! You guys should be proud of what you managed to do in 48 hours

Alexander Jones
city manager

The idea of a world with no colour is one that feels so high concept that I do wonder if the team had settled on the idea beforehand and just adapted heist to fit in with this story.

Some good stuff, the jumping out the window scene was hilarious.

A little confused on the ending, not sure what was going on.

I do feel like this film also suffers for the old 'age inappropriate casting' problem. It was kind of weird to see people in their early 20s as high up powerful villains.

As for your title, "The Full Picture" is the obvious choice, but the right one.