Radio Dead

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The Last Day on Earth Movie
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This film is about someone who is mentally unstable and is hearing voices through various radio devices. The protagonist becomes convinced that the world is ending and starts a bucket list for his last day on earth. However in reality the world is not ending and everything the radio is telling him is all in his head. As the film goes on the radio has more input into what the protagonists bucket list should be, trying to make him do bad things. In the end it all becomes to much for the protagonists so he decides to get rid of the radio by destroying it in a puddle. Although this doesn't stop the voices of the radio and its not until he snaps out of his unstable mental state that the voices finally stop.

Please add a team comment as I got a bit lost as to what was going on in this. From what I did gather, our lead keeps getting badgered via various radio devices that the end of the world is coming and as it intensifies how worthless he is.

I found this quite aurally assaulting which may have been intentional. Overall, kind of slow but a solid attempt at doing something serious in tone.

The thing that stood out in this film was how the radio started to communicate directly with the lead, I liked that a lot. Besides that, I found myself a little lost in the other elements of the story, but I'm sure you guys knew what was happening and just struggled to get that across in the time limit. Keep at it team! Lots of promise here.

Another nice idea developing, but some sound/dialogue issues meant I couldn't quite follow what was going on. The End of The World element could have been rammed home better by some different choice of location, as there were many people happily shopping at Countdown..! Having a tick-list of things-to-do-before-you-die was a sound idea, but you could have had some real gravitas to this story and grabbed your audience's sympathies with some deeper activities. Overall a good idea with lots of potential.

Alexander Jones
city manager

Reading your team comment, I gotta say I didn't pick up on the mental illness plot at all.

I really liked how the film started, and while I'm sure it's been done before, or by another team in another city this year, someone checking off humorous things from their bucket list on the last day on earth is a charming idea.

I feel like you ran into the problem of "so where do we go now" though, and I'm not sure I have an answer for you.

As for your title, "Radio Dead" is intriguing, I like how it isn't grammatically correct and kind of jarring.