Total Internal Reflection

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The Time Travel Movie
Christchurch > 02

A guy having relationship issues seems to be able to rid himself of his past when he discovers a time-travelling dimensional puddle.

A novel idea that was executed pretty well. I liked how the person on the "other-side" of the puddle was kept a mystery for a while. I noted that I could hear camera noise during some of the zooming so that's something to consider for another time. Shame about the DQ.

This film left me with a few questions like 'Where is he now' and 'maybe they're somewhere in the future and are the last two people on earth' etc. and I don't want to know the answers to these cause the best thing about this film was the mystery and subtleness, nice job guys.

A little confusing this one and I'm not sure I followed how the time travel was working because as I was watching it felt more like dimension-travel rather than going back and forth in time. Maybe it was both and perhaps I missed that. A nice idea certainly and lots to develop on.

Well done above reviews have covered the majority of points story was pretty hard to follow unsure if this was intentional but I like the different filming styles in the two timelines one stable tripod vs a very handheld in the second timeline agree that i was questioning where is he now but also it can be good to leave people with questions it makes it memorable

Alexander Jones
city manager

A lot of talent involved in this film, I think what sticks out to me most about it is its atmosphere. There's something very uneasy about this film, so I hope that was the intention.

I found the story pretty confusing, and it ended up being the first of 3 time travel movies this year which used a time traveling puddle, but incidentally, in all 3, the time travel element is pretty downplayed and if it weren't for the genre I wouldn't have registered it as time travel.

My advice would be work on making sure your storytelling isn't too vague- we talk a lot about not using too much exposition, but the opposite problem can happen too.

As for your title, "Total Internal Reflection" is pretty memorable, though I'm not entirely sure what it is referring to.