The Italian Connection Job

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The Heist Movie
Christchurch > 02
An Italian gallery owner is not keen on keeping a painting around that his wife is particularly fond of. Each one hires someone to steal the painting and the race is on.

Loved that this movie was in Italian! This movie was fun to watch. It was clever and funny! Very well done.

My favorite film of the second heat. Great concept, humour and cultural dialogue. An all round entertaining film.


Loved the plungers! Too good


When a couple disagree about the merits of an artwork, the husband/male uses a couple of thieves to get it out of the picture.

Nice to see a film including another language and this sequence was really well acted. Overall, this short was technically proficient with my only note in this regard being that some of the titles (eg: Next Day) were irrelevant when the images told us it was clearly the next day. A very Pink Panther feel too it, I did think that the breaking in montage went a touch too long and focused too much on the male being the dumb one. I think too that we didn't really get to know any of the characters to care too much about if they could pull off the heist. That said the pay-off at the end was great!

It was awesome to see multiple languages in this film. It was well shot and lit, I for one thought the painting was quite nice! haha

For me, this was the most fun film of the heat. Some cliches and the outcome was a little bit telegraphed, but it still had many many good comedy moments (loved the forward rolls on the patch of carpet). The look of the film was great too with the predominantly black colour really emphasizing a night time heist. Good stuff.

Lots of fun, well put together

Mele Ross

Refreshing to see another language being used. Creative and clever use of the puddle! Got one of my votes for this heat!

A funny film putting husband against wife, burglar vs burglar with a good end, a good use of shadow and slam I enjoyed the roll and the unnecessary effort taken by one of the burglars however the cat and mouse race to the art work seemed a bit to long, much like the speed limit the maximum time is not a goal a tighter edit could have really made this film something special

Alexander Jones
city manager

This film juuuuust missed out on the short list, so congratulations on making it to that exclusive club!

I really liked how the film started, the characters genuinely speaking Italian was actually really different and creative, and it showed a lot of promise.

However, after that scene I have to say, I wasn't really able to follow the set up for the film as a whole, and was left a little lost on the characters' motivations behind stealing a painting.

The montage of the characters doing the heist in the art gallery was funny, though I do feel it overstayed it's welcome and feels more or less like the meat of the film.

With a stronger story and more variety, I could easily see this team going far in the future.

As for your title, "The Italian Connection Job" is a great mishmash of heist film titles and buzzwords. Good job.