The Incident

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The High School Movie
Christchurch > 02

A trio of students are interviewed about an incident they were all witness to.

Simple but effective in execution albeit a little talky. Much of the camera-worked was well controlled and the acting was convincing. The ending did seem like a bit of cop-out. I would have liked to have seen a bit higher stakes presented there as the rest of the film was well set up.

Zac Neill

I enjoyed the acting from the three leads, the writing and performance from the lead male was very convincing in your role.

Agree with MistaTeas here, the end really did scream cop out. Challenge yourself to tell a convincing story, cause the rest of the film showed a lot of promise!~

Excited to see what you do next time

You had some great character contrasts in here which helped moved the story along nicely. I did enjoy the twist at the end although I think you could have pushed the actual crime a bit further to really show the silliness of the twist (eg. maybe instead of something being stolen it could have been i dunno...triple homiside or something)

With some slick editing and a good pace, the payoff was ultimately disappointing which was a shame because there was some great acting here, and interesting characters we were warming to.

Below reviews have all hit the nail on the head it was a big build up well acted I was expecting the janitor to be dead or caught doing something wrong
However everyone was talking about the crocks to which the detective was surprised and wanted information on the crime ... what was the crime ?

Alexander Jones
city manager

This film was an interesting one, some really really top notch character work- more so than your average 48hours team, everyone does a great job and is really funny, albeit a touch too old for High Schoolers.

As others have pointed out, the reveal of the crocs at the end felt kind of lackluster, and if you don't mind I'm gonna attempt to dissect what didn't quite work here for me...

I think number 1, we didn't get to see the crocs. It's one thing to describe how ugly and garish they are but it's all nothing without a visual reveal, combined with the guy saying that they were his exact style reinforces this missing element because we don't see him wearing them either.

Number 2, I think we needed to actually see a misdirect at the beginning which leads us to believe the students have witnessed a much more serious crime, perhaps you could have used silhouette to make it seemed like they walked in on the Janitor having hanged himself, or a murder, or theft or whatever, so the whole movie we think they're building up to discovering the dead body or whatever, only for us to return to that scene at the end and discover the thing they walked in on was in fact just someone wearing crocs.

Lastly, we don't see enough people! We don't even see the person wearing the crocs, the characters just stare off into the closet. I'm guessing you guys may have been strapped for actors, so my big improvement note for next year would be to recruit some more extras for standby!

As for your title, I feel like there are a hundred short films called "The Incident" so it doesn't quite work for me.