Science Fear

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The Back from the Dead Movie
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When a experiment is discarded it causes the dead to rise and cause havoc.

Looks like you had a heap of fun here being zombies and playing with blood. Loved the two boys who eventually cause their own havoc and they had some great lines given to them - such a good touch too to have one of them get ready for battle by removing his shirt. Funny!

Zac Neill

My favourite type of 48 hour film - everyone is just having good fun doing crazy things they normally wouldn't.

Translated really well onto the screen, hope to see you guys again!

This film was a lot of fun, I'm glad you didn't take this genre too seriously. Had some great lines in there.

NEXT YEAR: Felt like this year you had two plots, one of the two guys and another of the old lady accidentally killing everyone, while both a great, make the most of your 5 minutes by just picking your favourite storyline and sticking with that the whole way through.

The start of the film setting up the grave seemed out of place with the rest of the film, the people watching the news scene was very funny however they said breaking news and when we cut to the news we had to wait through some celebrity gossip before it was breaking news. a great hand coming out of the ground. My other notes say I thought the shadow/ reflection were good and that the shots focus could be improved but I really enjoyed this film it looked like it was fun

Alexander Jones
city manager

I'm not sure why there was a grave in the middle of a school, but it was sure effective.
Clearly you guys had heaps of fun making this, and it was super entertaining to watch.

If I wanted to be critical, I'd say your film could have used a more definitive main character, as it just kind of jumps around a lot, and it would have helped land the ending if we'd been following one character the whole time.

With that being said, this was still a great film and I wouldn't change a thing about it.

As for your title, "Science Fear" is a great pun, though probably an overused one.

Man this was mean as!
Having had the pleasure of sitting in on your planning meeting, I was super impressed by the collaboration and enthusiasm you all had, as well as your solid work ethic.
Well done team- Not many can claim to have made a short film in 48hours like you have.
What I loved:
-The gravestones, and focussed images.
-Zombies in frame within a frame during news report
-A solid attempt at voice-over work in the beginning
You now have a strong understanding of what is required, and will be tears ahead of your peers for the experience.
Remember to look after your school and to also look after your brave teachers and parents who worked harder than you know to make this possible!
Awesome stuff!