The Game Of Life

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The Last Day on Earth Movie
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The Earth is in trouble and a girl is running out of time. (Terrible summary - I need to see this again!)

So, my notes for this one aren't flash - please upload when you're allowed and I'll do another review! I did observe that your anamorphic cropping cut off some of your shots too much, which meant we couldn't fully grasp what we were seeing at times - especially character heads. The audio was a bit variable but I did think the door slamming was effective!

This one was a bit tricky to follow but some stand out moments was the shot of the door outside and also the fact that you guys were committed to filling your shopping trollies the way you did, loved that.

NEXT YEAR: Something that I'm still learning when making these films is sometimes we can get so caught up in our idea that it ends up only making sense to the people who made it, I've made that mistake a few times now, this may not apply to you guys directly but it is certainly a good piece of knowledge I thought I'd pass on, make sure your film stands on it's own two feet without having to lean on any understanding you have of it in your head, and that way it'll thrive :) Well done guys! Good luck next year.

The final shot was very artistic, however the specifics of the story were hard to follow and the sound quality could be improved

Alexander Jones
city manager

Some really great production value for a school team, the supermarket looked 100% genuine so well done for scoring that location, that's what we like to see in 48hours.

I found the story of this one pretty hard to follow, so maybe work on that for next year, a lot of potential for something great.

As for your title, I find "The Game of Life" a touch trite, would have preferred something a little less grandiose.