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The Anti-RomCom Movie
Christchurch > 01

A teen girl badly wants a relationship and when she spots the perfect match, obstacles keep getting in her way.

This was well acted by the lead and had a good twist in its tail. A bit quiet in places, so audio is a work-on for next year. Taking a holistic viewpoint this was up there with the best of the heat.

Zac Neill

Strongest lead actor in this heat for sure.

I feel like the definition at the end detracted from the punchline of the film, but overall a good effort!

Acting was on point in this one, really committed to what your character was feeling. Also really liked the passing of time on the couch. Also - ever watched phineas and ferb? this film reminded me of balloony haha

NEXT YEAR: Continue to practice your cinematography skills, it's really easy when you're under pressure to go with the basics, but if you can break out of that then it adds another layer of excellence to your work.

Alexander Jones
city manager

A really great and on point interpretation of Anti-RomCom as a genre.

The main thing I marked this film down on is that there's a lot of filler in the middle, I would have liked to have seen something more developed before the end reveal.

Great job though!

As for your title, "Balloon" is simple and elegant, it serves the film fine.