An Unfortunate Development

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The Heist Movie
Christchurch > 01

A couple of teen girls find out a friend has a boyfriend so they set out to sabotage the relationship by kidnapping the young man for themselves.

Good humour, good use of music and nicely acted. Maybe not your fault but it was very loud and noisy at times. I did have to wonder why the girls went full black masks/heist gear in broad daylight though - not suspicious looking at all! I believe there is some solid story-telling talent in this team so keep it up!

Zac Neill

Really really strong premise here team, with a couple of years under the belt big things could happen for you guys!

Audio issues plagued the film, but good acting and a clear narrative carried you through.

Not the biggest fan of "I'm gay" as the film's punchline, some tighter dialogue could've garnered a bigger laugh!

I liked the concept and I thought the strongest part of your film was when one of your characters was going over the plan, that was well edited and got a good amount of audience laughs.

NEXT YEAR: Bit noisy, make sure you make some time to level that out, sound can make or break a film!

Alexander Jones
city manager

Well I for one thought this film was pretty strong.

Some really great comedic timing from the two leads, and the "I'm gay" reveal at the end was actually hysterical.

My only negative comment would be I was a little disappointed to see such a female driven film focus on trying to get a boy!

I'm really looking forward to seeing what you guys deliver in the future- I'd love to see what you do with a more difficult genre or a more nuanced story. I encourage you to keep working on your filmmaking skills.

As for your title, "An Unfortunate Development" is fine, if not a vague spoiler for the end, I think you could have picked something more creative ;)