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The Technological Thriller
Christchurch > 01

A phone takes possession of and then installs itself into a teenager which has wider consequences.

Good idea here and it was well-executed for the most part until it seemed to run out of story 2/3 of the way through. The SFX were effective and unlike many school films the actual plot was easy to follow. Plenty of potential here.

Zac Neill

I loved this film so much. You guys were having a blast and so was the audience.

Some slick editing as well throughout, just needed a crisper ending.

You guys had me laughing every time I saw an old VHS cable wrapped around somebodies face :')

NEXT YEAR: you had a solid story right up until the end when (I'm guessing and forgive me if I'm wrong) you needed to quickly wrap it up so short cut to something that seemed a little odd. The ending of a film is your home run swing, so be bold! swing hard!

Alexander Jones
city manager

A really cool take on the techno thriller genre- the set up of dropping your phone on your face while lying down is a very relatable cautionary tale.

I'd say not much really 'happens' in this film beyond the character killing his friends, and maybe that's enough, but a more in depth story could be a great goal for next year.

Loved the ending with the cameraman being targeted, felt like you were coming to kill us!

As for your title, "Installing" is great and takes on a new meaning after watching the film.