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The Wish Movie
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Hating on his life, a teen is visited by a genie who grants him three wishes. Things don't go as expected though.

Second year in for team Swordfish and I think this film is an improvement over their 2017 effort. The actor playing the genie was super committed to his role and added plenty of laughs. There was a slight reliance on long takes which does help save time but cuts down a few of your story telling options. Would have been great, for example, to get in close on some of your actors' reactions. Pretty well received by the audience who got some chuckles out of it.

Zac Neill

A fun tale of mishearings! A couple of notes here:

1. Less can be more. Try to be a little more nuanced in your storytelling (maybe the genie doesn't have bollywood as a backing track for example), it makes the audience connect with the characters more, which makes the laughs even louder!
2. Plan your scenes and shot selection in advance, and think what each shot is to convey to the audience! I can guarantee you'll be able to find heaps of good laughs even in just how you shoot things!

Can't wait to see what you guys cook up next year.

Clever idea - making the genie and wisher unable to communicate, I liked that. I'm also glad that you didn't resolve the story and have things work out for the wisher, you stuck with the joke till the end, well done.

NEXT YEAR: I think you guys needed a bit more light in that room! difficult to see some parts. The more light you have the more control you can have in making it clear for the audience. This film could have probably been done in any location and still worked.

Alexander Jones
city manager

Alright, this film was one the vetting party insisted on replaying just because the performance of Akshan was so silly and so funny (though as with "Cousin Jimmy" falls into the vaguely racist camp).
Things to work on:
As said above, L I G H T I N G! It was so dark in that room, and it really encapsulated the worst way a film can look. If you gotta shoot in doors, flood that place with nice, bright light.
Also, your story didn't really go anywhere, and it seems like you ran with the baseline simplest idea around the wish genre as you could, I'd encourage you to be more creative in the future. We got a lot of genie movies this year!

As for your title, "Akshan" serves its purpose, it's a good title, considering the name of the character.