Cousin Jimmy

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The Fish-Out-of-Water Movie
Christchurch > 01

When Cousin Jimmy turns up unannounced on his relatives' doorstep, it shakes their peaceful existence.

A series of skits really, where Cousin Jimmy does increasingly gross things. It played for laughs and was successful with it! Not really much of a story here though but it did hit some genre points and the actor playing Jimmy was super committed. Lights and white balance would have been handy to have but these are things you can look at next time.

Zac Neill

You guys had fun making this and the audience had fun watching.

Hopefully you guys got to see the laughter to the film in person!

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. This film made me happy.

Loved you guys, clever camera angles gave you some good opportunities for gags - LOVED the shot where Cousin Jimmy is outside doing his business while the other two were inside talking.

NEXT YEAR: tighten up your dialogue a little bit, seemed like at a few points you were unsure what you were suppose to be saying, confidence in what you're saying is key!

Very funny, committed comedic performance, held up by the straight men.

Good work lads.

Alexander Jones
city manager

You guys clearly had a great time making this film, and your performances show this.

I would recommend thinking more about your story, as it stands the film is just a series of sketches.

The pooping in the garden scene was the stand out, very funny stuff.

Cousin Jimmy's accent, while a little racist, was also kind of inconsistent, I'd recommend fine tuning that.

As for your title: "Cousin Jimmy" is a great title which immediately fits in the Fish-Out-of-Water genre. Maybe would have preferred something like "My Cousin Jimmy" but that's just me.