Don't Die Danni

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The Back from the Dead Movie
Christchurch > 01

With a tip of the hat to Kenny from South Park, a stressed young man's sister keeps dying and coming back to life.

Story-wise this was pretty well-executed in that the team seemed to achieve what they set out to. The various deaths were great and nicely acted by the lead playing the sister. Technically solid from this team even if though the audio was a bit hard to comprehend in places (maybe not your fault). My big question mark is why was there was a laugh track?

Zac Neill

A strong premise with lots of laughs, would've loved to see you guys experiment more with your shot selection and take some more risks.

I personally loved the laugh track and am definitely storing the idea away in my back pocket for future competitions.

Got one of my audience votes!

Proud of you guys for looking beyond a typical zombie movie and coming up with a unique way of showing a back from the dead genre, you had some great goofs that made me laugh.

NEXT YEAR: Comedy is difficult, and the laughing track was a good way of adding some comedy - however, it's always a good idea to watch your film without the laugh track to see if it still stands on it's feet, if it does, then congrats! If not, then chances are you'll get a better film by tightening up the edit instead of leaving room for the laughter.

Also, forgot to say on your other school teams review - nice team names, very clever ;)

An original take on the back from the dead genre which was funny at times however not as often as the canned laughter would have us believed (it was a bit over the top). The film suffered from audio issues throughout with peaking voices and storey was more of a snapshot of the life there was no real beginning middle and end however I did enjoy the movie well done

Alexander Jones
city manager

Really well shot and an original idea for a school team with such a dynamic genre. Dani dying and coming back to life was a great narrative device, and while you got a bit of mileage out of it, I would have liked to have seen it only go bigger and grander, as it stands it just kind of fizzles out. Still, there's a clear understanding of story structure here, with her deaths relating to her brother's anxiety- and they kind of learn to solve both their problems together- I would have liked to have seen more chemistry between the brother and sister, as this is a seldom seen dynamic in 48Hours and sibling bonding could be really touching.

I'm in the "why does this have a laugh track?" camp, I hate laugh tracks at the best of times, and I really wish you guys hadn't included it in this film, because it only took it's quality down. It feels like it was decided on in the edit, and the original vision for the film just played out normally? I'm making an uninformed guess that maybe the editor wasn't confident enough in the jokes and thought they could zhush them up a bit- but the jokes were great on their own! The laughs and awws felt like they were pretty pointlessly inserted whenever there was a break in the audio.

Keep plowing away, I could easily see you guys as regular finalists in a few years. Work on your technical side a little more, and make stories with larger stakes which go bigger and deeper.

As for your title, "Don't Die Danni" is great, it's provocative and gets me interested in what the story could be. Nice bit of alliteration (or assonance...?) to boot.