Sweet Gums

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The Splatstick Movie
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A young girl ignores her mother's warning about what will happen to her if she eats any more sweets. We are a two sister team plus one 10 year-old actress. It's the first time either of us have made a film start to finish. We found it challenging but rewarding. We wrote a blog about our experience of taking part in the competition here.. http://zealife.posthaven.com/the-sisters-project

A young girl is well aware of her mum's warning about eating sweets, but does that stop her?

Some nice camerawork and editing in this. Really liked the silhouette use too. The story is simple with our lead having a clear want and there was a good attempt to deceive the audience and then have a twist ending. Probably not quite enough Splatstick to really nail the genre and we also didn't get much of an opportunity to really invest in the lead character.