Stitch Up from the Future

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The Musical + The Time Travel Movie
Auckland > 14

A couple of dudes are stuck coming up with an idea for their film. Luckily a third mate just finished his time machine.

I only really kept watching this to see how the time-travel aspect was going to come in as films about making a 48HR, I hate them. That said, I enjoyed some of the camera work in this and the couple of guitar songs were nice to listen to. The story really is weak though and the acting not really completely convincing - although some of it may have been deliberately awkward. The ending was just lame too. I do think you had some of the tools to go a bit harder at this genre - your guitarist could play, sing and had an interesting look so why not base the film around him?

I want to believe that there was a disaster that happened during the weekend that necessitated a complete redo at the last minute. If that's not the case, then this just came off as lazy. Like they could have more or less done the same film about any other topic and it would have been better. Making it about the competition itself was groan inducing. As the previous review mentioned, the ending was so tragic as to almost go so far beyond unfunny to become funny again. Almost.

Musical is hard, I get it. What's confusing here is that you clearly had the means to deal with the music itself and still phoned it in. They maybe tried to offset it at the start with an 'ironic' comment about not wanting to make another amateur film but, well, knowingly done or not, that's exactly what they delivered.