Organised Thievery

Average: 2.5 (5 votes)
The Musical + The Heist Movie
Auckland > 05

a bit hit and miss with this one to be honest. some good set ups. but some of the songs fell flat, and the ending was of no consequence. some good actors, and a lovely backseat car song with some lovely lenseflare

Scott Doar

musicals are always a tricky genre to navigate. this one was a bit hit and miss (i know mike said it already but i couldn't think of a better way of putting it) a lot of the gags were great and everyone looked like they were having a good time. loved everything about the backseat get an extra star just for that lens flare.


For me this was a real 48 hrs gem. Sure it had technical issues, and the ending kinda just... happened, but this group just had "it", that indescribable charm that you can't replicate. Every line was delivered at 1000% and I want more! Ok, there wasn't exactly a coherent story... but it kinda felt like that they meant it to be that way. Do we need backseat swoon song about how blonde the villain is? No, but did I enjoy it? Oh boy, I sure did!

I am really torn on this one, where I think they were done in by being too led by genre.

Obviously musical is hard for many team, and heist movie is actually a hard genre because a good heist movie requires a film that displays an impeccable sense of timing.
Gag to gag and shot to shot and song to song this film might deserve to rate a little higher, but collectively it kind of became less than the sum of its many disparate parts.

Props to every team that draws musical and does their best to deliver - but in trying to satisfy your heist movie genre you leaned too hard into genre to dictate character and scenario and not enough into what makes a satisfying narrative that can be sung along to.

A bit of a mixed bag this one. Some parts looked and sounded great and other parts not so.
Considering the highlight (for me at least) was a musical number that was seemingly of no consequence to the story, is rather telling of the level of thought put into the overall narrative.
There were perhaps too many characters for the scale of the plot and each seemed like they would have been more interesting given more time on their own or in a pair.
Some good laughs though and a couple of the songs were great, but overall felt like it never really found its feet as a cohesive story.