The Ferryman

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The Film That Spans More Than 10 Years
Auckland > 05

i liked the concept of this film, i loved the use of home movie footage. to show time and life flashing before eyes. great work. the guardian angel was a great actress too. nice simple dialogue. I felt the ending was a bit jarring and the 'No' cut didnt work to well. the overall ending seemed to simple, why wouldn't we all choose the door if we were in the same situation if the out come was the same. there needed to be a consequence or reason for choosing or not choosing the door

Scott Doar

Great performances. i pretty much agree with what mike said about the choices and consequences. also there were some sync issues with the dialogue but that happens to every team at some point. also great use of location.

A good attempt at a tough genre, bringing together the necessary elements to fit the conceit in 48HOURS is a challenge and there is a level of respect required making a story that covers 10+ years with no prior planning in 48HOURS.

This may have been a predictable reaction to the genre, but it had just enough going for it feel like it's own take on a predictable direction.

Ending was 1st year film school obvious - but executed successfully and the film didn't overplay it (although perhaps there was a hope it would hold more gravitas than it didn't).

A fe moments of ropey performance and editing creative and technical faults distract - but a middle of the road attempt deserving a middle of the road rating.

This was another interesting idea that I would like to have seen developed a little more. The use of the home videos was a really nice touch and take on the life flashing before your eyes trope. The character interaction was really nice and the performances were solid.
Unfortunately, as the end drew nearer, it became more apparent that the resolution, or transition to the resolution, hadn't been entirely thought out and was a bit of a let down of a climax.
Again though, this was a really cool idea and I would like to see more of the same kind of ingenuity from this team.