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The Back from the Dead Movie
Auckland > 05

a good little body horror film. some acrobatic actors, pulled off some great poses and gave off some creepy vibes. nice little message built in also. some shots felt a bit jarring and some cohesion was needed to show that the main actor was being stalked.

Scott Doar

I liked the over all message of the film. great performance from the lead actor and awesome job on the costuming and make up. a few issues with cutting between camera angles and getting lost as to who was where but it did add to the confusion the boy was feeling....also made me hungry for shapes.


A fun little twist on a traditional horror sort of story. Some clumsy staging elements at times (at the end it felt like he just sort of stood there while the ending happened to him) and the story beats were pretty "tropey", but the mermaids made for a really cool little hook. Like the environmental angle on the revenge story, and the performers brought a super cool creepy element to the film.
Hands down the best mermaid in a bus stop I've ever seen. That shot was worth the work I'm sure you put into it! :D

A team who made the most of some available props and talent it seems.

As an exercise in time limited film making I think this is definitely a solid entry - ingenuity, some ambitious if uneven production value, a fairly decent pun of a title and enough visual style to convey the narrative and a bit of a message, clearly influenced in part by the necessary elements.

Narratively however - it needed to go beyond the premise in some way, just have a little bit more going on in terms of a character having an interesting arc and this could have been a whole level up given the rest of the skills on display.

Imperfect, unexpected, genuinely well executed. An entry to be proud of, and something to build on.

Putting aside some of the low-to-mixed production quality of this film, I really enjoyed it. I think it was a smart take on an idea, that even though has been done before, still felt like it brought something fresh. Never hurts to have a positive message to your film too.
I admire what was done with the characters and costuming (very cool zombie mermaid) and felt that for the most part, the horror-stalker thing was done really well.
A few screws to be tightened across all departments, but with a little more work, I imagine this team will be far more competitive.
One of my favourites of the heat.