Mike & Mark’s Epic Last Day

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The Last Day on Earth Movie
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Scott Doar

This one looked like you had a great time making it. some good dead pan performances. a bit predictable but still had a good laugh. the prostitute gag could still have worked if she had had a female voice not sure if that joke goes over so well in 2018. but over all it was a good time.


I don't like being critical, but this is among the more uncomfortable viewing experiences I've had in a bit!
It is one where in 2018 both someone being a prostitute and being transgender aren't really the sort of things that are punchlines anymore. The film at least sort of made her a character? But then it did literally have a man recoil at seeing a transwoman in the bathroom.
So generally I can just see the team is not the sort that are very clued in at all to these sorts of issues, but I think it's important to know that it came across to me as textbook transphobia. The general comedy reminder I like to keep in mind is punching up and punching down. That if you're going to make fun of someone, punch up, make fun of someone that has power or authority. If you punch down at people who are marginalized or that don't deserve it, you come across as a bit of a bully.
ON THE PLUS SIDE! - I enjoyed the doctor's performance, he was fun!

For me this short was a bit of a time warp in the competition in more ways than one.

Over played and out dated gag that was a ill executed as it was misintentioned - roped in mate to deliver vital exposition - conceit stretched on way too long for a predictable punchline that you only wouldn't predict because you have lost interest.

But, in saying that - low bro and amateurish is where a hell of a lot of teams start in this competition who go on to make some pretty interesting stuff with a few more tries under their belt.

I am unsure of the teams history - if this was a first attempt then I give them the benefit of the doubt and simply say 'try harder on all fronts - the comp can be fun for you AND entertaining to an audience that has grown to expect better with a little practice and steering away from cliche.'

If this team has entered before, and this is what they genuinely think other people will find entertaining and funny, I'd say hope you guys get time travel genre next time cause you are stuck in the past.