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The Heist Movie
Auckland > 05

I loved some of the shots and fast cuts. the finale and escape in the Tire center was great with a well filmed comedic gag. i thought it felt a bit short and would have like a proper ending. as the story sort of drifted off into nothingness with no good or bad consequences

Scott Doar

Completely disagree with mike (its ok we know each other) this film was the stand out of the night for me. the more i think about it the better it gets. my favorite aspect was the fact that the film cut short unexpectedly adding to the joke of how over the top yet pointless the heist was. so many teams insist on needlessly using the full 5 minute runtime. the small tyre to the face fall stunt was awesome and the comedic timing of the crash zooms was right on point. well done guys!

Rubbery is a short, sharp solid entry in a typical 48HOURS style.

Solid gags, one killer location that dictated natrative but added a bunch of production value, well put together, and short enough to not get bogged down in it's own conceit.

Over the credits voice over brought it home to great laughs.
A little bit more focus on satisfying narrative with the same skill set and I think these guys could compete for am Auckland finalist spot. But as it stands a solid appetizer, not quite a main.

I don't have too much to say about 'Rubbery' (great name by the way).
I really liked the set-up, and it's shot rather well in a cool location, with some great jokes in the mix... however, it felt incomplete. The abrupt ending with the voiced-over credits, though very funny, just felt as though it hadn't been earned yet with more flesh to the film.
I do like that it was short, but perhaps just a touch longer would have made for a more realised story.