Tick Tock

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The Time Travel Movie
Auckland > 05
Scott Doar

I really liked the use of quick cutting between all the crazy time jumps. This was definitely where stock footage can be used for proper effect.in my opinion the idea could have been told in about 1 minute less but still a solid effort at telling a story without dialogue.

I loke experimental shorts in 48HOURS when they really push the boat out.

I am incredibly wary of them when they are seemingly making up for a lack of production capability.

This one kind of straddles the line. Its got something going for it, but not quite enough to push it into the good category. In saying that the actual star rating is probably a little harsher than I felt when watching it - so to the team involved don't take this as a critique of your approach in going somewhat abstract or experimental. If thats what you like go even harder next time and just ensure the concept and production values are nailed. You nearly won me over.

I really liked the visual reprensentation of the time jumps, with its seemingly random choice of stock footage clips. This felt original and creeped me out a bit, especially considering with how it all turns out for the lead character in the end.
However, I wasn't so sure that I was following the story and the guy's reasoning for continuing to use the time travel watch even though things seemed to get weirder and weirder for him each jump wasn't expressed very well. Like I said, the end felt like it worked, visually speaking, with the strangeness of the time jumps, but I was ultimately lost, story-wise.
Great concept and ideas here. Keep up the creativity and work on tightening up the rest.