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The Star-Crossed Lovers Movie
Auckland > 04

This would be getting more stars if the audio came through I think. The actual story/plot of a guy whose girlfriend does XXX webcam shows is something different and it stood out. The choice of location for the ending was great with the lighting and had that romantic feel which were elevated by the camera shots. Looking forward to seeing more from this team in future.

This was really well shot, especially the ending outside at night was very cinematic. The story was interesting, but it didn't come through very clearly, possibly because the audio was too quiet/uneven, I had to explain what happened to the person next to me. It was a good script idea, and original, but I wasn't sold by the story at the end / make-up scene.

So he knew she was doing x videos? Started to log into her web cam? obviously to check on....? She got home late due to an extra shoot and missed the romantic tea. Got upset had a shower and made up.... outside?
Will they repeat the same scenario tommorrow night?
Hey, the audio was a bit low but so were a few last night. Not sure if we all recorded low audio or the theatre had the volume low. Neither I'm sure.
But the idea of your short got through and I understood the story. Yes the last scene was well shot. Good acting too I thought