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The Anti-RomCom Movie
Auckland > 04
Thank you to everyone who came to heat 4, and thank you for voting us your audience favourite. These days we try to only make shorts that are fun to watch so listening to the audience response when our short played was thrilling and gratifying. In answer to some of your questions: The ending is upbeat, if you get a chance to see it without raucous laughter and applause you'll find a bit of quiet voice over. Also, everything is intentional, the jumpiness was entirely on purpose. I like to keep my shorts short and you don't need to see the robot slowly rolling around before delivering the next line. No one mentioned it here but people have in person: we made the book, it wasn't something we found. As well as audience favourite we ended up making the finals short list (but not the actual finals) and got a best script nomination. The short is best enjoyed on the big screen, by far, so I really wish it had played again in the finals for another audience, but what can you do.

Loved this film! A big improvement on the previous year and the humour was spot on. Has to be the audience favourite for sure.

Fantastic film - cool props, and the cute kid did very well. I really loved the robot voice overs. It fit the genre in an interesting and funny way. I might have gone with a more upbeat ending though!

Loved it. Loved the old "I am ball" intro. Loved you did ultra and I reckon it was a damn fine job given "what I think" was probably with your limited resources. The story line worked and flowed really well. Not sure if the "cuts" in the editing was on purpose but I want to think it was because it seemed to fit better than if it was super smooth. And, if it wasn't meant to be, then repeat the last sentence. Well done F o F.

The agony of a robot programmed to love. A sweet idea, executed very effectively. I enjoyed this more than Spielberg's A.I. (and not just because the star is cuter than Haley Joel Osment).