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The Wish Movie
Auckland > 03
A 'Furry' (and not for dogs) party is not what the neighbours had in mind. This is a wish movie with a difference that will make you laugh and probably Google some things that you won't want to do at work....Enjoy :)
Gabe Lunte

I wish I didn't know what yiffing was.

No further comment.


What Dogs Breakfast manage to do in 48hrs is truly astonishing.
the shots they get in their lego made world made me totally believe I was in that house with the characters, its mind blowing, they have such technical skill!
Starting every line with "I wish" was an added scripting challenge but didn't stop them from telling their story.
Gotta lotta laughs from the audience too so a good job all round.


Liked this interpretation of the genre. Solid laughs aplenty.
Managed to tell a story with a self-imposed crutch of "I wish"
Good job!