O Master, I Love Thou

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The Monster Movie
Auckland > 01

Creative and unexpected use of the genre.
Well done !


Bizarre and absurd in the best way, the silhouette parts were amazing (heck a whole film done that way would be charming as!), its lucky the live action stuff was also top notch otherwise it would have been a waste to not do this entirely in silhouette. Funny, good performances, well shot, for me easily a finals contender but admittedly I like the weird shit.


I loved this. First I thought the whole film would be in cut out silhouette, then live action starts... and it's great!
It was a delight.

I liked this. Pythonesque feel in places and very high production values. Strong performances and a unique take on the silhouette aspect. The absurdity won me over. Well done!

I once sat next to Joseph Coughlan on a work bus trip; I'm glad I saw this film AFTER that happened.
Seriously, loved the concept, thought the execution was fantastic and the story unexpected, and I enjoyed the use of paper cutouts to fill in gaps in the story - an excellent way to fit more than five minutes of narrative into a five minute film. Well done team!

This film ended the heat on a high. Absurd comedy played straight is sublime when done right and this team were shining bright. The use of shadow puppets was great and I'm surprised that more teams didn't go that route. In any case, the use here was the most accomplished and functional that I witnessed in the competition thus far.

My only real criticism is that the film felt a bit truncated, like there was a beat or two missing somewhere and the ending came off as a little anti-climactic. By no means a crippling blow but it's always a shame to see a good film that could have been great. Such is the 48 Hours way, I suppose.