Beat Down

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The Musical + The Back from the Dead Movie
Auckland > 01

Not a musical, no explanations given and the effects couldn't carry the performances. Half the characters seemed to think they were in a comedy and the other half were in a serious action film so it was tonally difficult to navigate.

Crackup! This was so funny and cool and give me more of this crazy stuff!


Nowhere near a musical. Awful.

Lost it's way badly with 'muddy' characterization, possibly caused by a lack of Direction or more probably a struggle with the writing. Veering from the genre by a mile or two at least, this really didn't hold my attention at all.

Honestly, when the title card said "Musical + The Back From The Dead Movie", I got excited.
Timing out your action to some music does not a musical make. Plus, the non-existent rapport between the cast members made it feel like they didn't really want to be doing this.

Another team being beaten by the musical. There were moments where you could see the team was trying to deal with what was clearly not their forte, a shoulder jiggle and some editing on the beat alas does not a musical make.

I'm always in two minds. I love that the competition continues to torture teams with this genre as there's nothing like adversity to really push creativity, but it doesn't always pan out and I'm sure it can be disheartening to those involved. This team clearly wanted to make a different film and in other circumstances it might have been great but they just couldn't get on board with making it musical, which is a shame.