The Perfect Heist

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The Heist Movie
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The build up in this film was great. Good tension and production values. Really enjoyed the rules of the heist. Sadly, it's ending failed to make a point or an impression.
Good effort though!


Nicely shot, it really looked like a heist film, but I didn't get the story and the effects were non existent, whats the use of a gritty heist with underdone violence?


Felt a little underwritten. The rules approach was a nice idea but the payoff at the end was lackluster.

Slick and polished, but sadly lacking in other areas. Started promisingly, but meandered from the mid-point. A good effort and I particularly liked the elongated 'death' at the end.

In my experience, this looked and felt like a heist movie - and the camerawork was fantastic, especially during the pool table scene. As others have said though, it definitely felt as if it lacked those visual effects, and the narration could have been more constant and cut through a little more. Plus, the dead guy blinking repeatedly during the final shot kind of took the gloss off the ending.