Neolithic Selfie

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The Time Travel Movie
Auckland > 01

There were a couple of laughs to be had in this film, but some were laughs at the film not with it. This sort of "what if" collection can work but it didn't work too well here due to the jokes not being great and the performers dont have much natural talent. Little to no effort was put into the Neolithic setting, park benches etc were clearly visible in the background. This definitely was one of those films that looked like you guys had fun making.

Oh and the blood on the leads hand (blood acquired during a "what if" sequence) was still there when it shouldn't have been and his hand was really obvious in that selfie shot, wash your hands young man!


Some laffs here and there, but overly dull.

I thought this was a reasonable effort and an interesting premise. In places, I was looking at it as a contender for a really strange award, but then it started to take itself more seriously, but only in places. The male lead accomplished his task with some aplomb, although the female lead was slightly distracting. The denouement fell short of a promising build-up. Looking forward to seeing more from this team again next year...

An interesting idea, but writing and performance let it down somewhat.

From the moment the female lead flubbed her incredibly overwritten dialogue, looked like she was going to stop, and then powered on, I knew exactly what kind of film this was going to be. I mean, they used THAT TAKE. Maybe that was the only one they had? Maybe the others had even bigger problems? Who cares. This was not a film being made by experts, it was clearly some people who were just enjoying themselves in the competition, which frankly is the best approach to this mad weekend. And while that made it easy to have fun watching the film it does not make it a good film...

On top of the verbosity of the script, the situations were too ludicrous and didn't sell sufficiently to keep you in the story. There were some seemingly random gender switches which wouldn't have been a problem except there seemed to be some kind of consistency otherwise and I thought it was supposed to match with the protagonists.

I hope the team does not take this as a condemnation and they return next year as it's teams like this that really make the competition special!