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The Splatstick Movie
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I'm usually a big fan of AKMSA, but a guy who wants to kill a girl for rejecting him is not really a joke that landed well with me. It would've worked better had the girl been successful in her attempt to strike back, which would've flipped some expectations. Cool gory FX made me squirm, but the story definitely could've been better.


Using who I am assuming is the most inept actor in your group for the lead role was somewhat inspired because it resulted in a really funny film. The story was super silly, but I liked it. The gore effects were awesome in places and terrible in others but this still worked for this kind of film. Now I want Pizza dammit.

The content of this film was shocking because it was so wrong minded. Having a couple guys kill and torture a girl because they were rejected is just too problematic for words. Had you turned the concept around and made her the victor then I could have been with your characters but instead I just found the whole thing very upsetting. Women are killed every day for rejecting men. I don't find that remotely funny. There was an opportunity for a reversal here which could have changed my opinion but sadly this did not happen. On the technical front your team did a good job but the message behind your story was deeply concerning and misogynistic.

I just wanted to take a moment to address the review that followed mine. I'm not nor was I ever advocating for censorship nor am I against making an audience uncomfortable but there was nothing bold about this film. In fact if anything all it did was glorify cowardice. People are free to make any film they like but I as an audience member am also free to express and share my response to that film. That is an act of freedom of expression so any argument that claims otherwise is ill informed. I agree that not every story that deals with this subject matter has to be a serious drama. In fact I'd love to see a comedy about this issue. My concern lies with the attitudes this film perpetrated. I object to the fact that we are meant to be on the side of people committing violence against women and having a ball doing this. There is nothing clever or subversive about your portrayal of this and therefore I see no value in committing this idea to film. While your team may not have intended this reading it alarms me that this team did not have the foresight to consider this. I don't mean to be entirely negative. I think your actors clearly had good comic timing and chemistry. Your team are clearly talented and adept filmmakers. I was just disappointed by what your film said and I hope you take my feedback constructively. Lord knows I've made some ethically questionable films in the past that I am not proud of. Reviews like the one I posted helped me to see the error of my ways and it is my sincere hope that my feedback will help your team to consider my points and improve your work as filmmakers. I look forward to see what work your team will create next year. I'm glad you guys had a good time making this but it's a real shame it had to come at the expense of women.

I loved every bit of this film, the rediculousness of it all. god damn it dont let critizism bog you down.
I dont think changing this films ending would have worked as well for what you may have been trying to say - That hate crimes against women do happen every day and we are de-sensitised to it. I dont think every film that tells the real truth of what happens to women in the hands of men needs to be a serious drama. It may make people uncumfortable, but that is an avenue of art. This film was not made with ill intent, it looked like a fun weekend. As foul story this was, it'll make $$$ in the yo house! Yo wa-zap!! Guyss Censorship of these bold and uncumfortable stories is something that acts against art & expression souly. Sure the performance didnt represent these archetypes in a flattering way but
If theres any place to explore the darker shades of comedy its here!
Oh my god your film was so silly!
And done with such tender care.
Love yous


This was one of my favorites. You stuck to the genre like shit to a blanket.

The criticism here is a little unfounded. Yes, the idea of two men taking revenge on a women who rejected them is socially problematic, but in the context of a splatstick movie - which tend to tackle socially-problematic themes head on and subvert viewer desires, while being needlessly gory - it made perfect sense. This was a funny film and I'm glad the writers made the choices they did.

There were some moments in this film that were really cool. Unfortunately they were swaddled in a dreary blanket of mediocrity that was the rest of the film.

In regards to the social issues that other reviews are bringing up, I do think it's important to keep them in mind even if you're going completely out of sight from political correctness as the best films of this type rely on satire as much as they do the riotous gore. I can't say whether the team was willfully ignoring them or not but at the viewing stage it doesn't really matter, and what could have been a very silly but knowing affair came off as churlish.