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The Star-Crossed Lovers Movie
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I spent most of my time trying to figure out if you guys set out to make a silent film or not, because sometimes it looked like the style was used to fix possible production issues. The song that was being used seemed inappropriate, like it was chosen because it was foreign and therefore "funny" in a racist kind of way. Due to the filters and silent film style it was hard to see if anyone did anything particularly well on this film. The story did make sense, but I couldn't call this a Star Crossed Lovers film.


I’m not a movie buff but I really enjoyed this one. Loved the old school black and white treatment with no dialogue, with just the subtitles telling a bit of the story. I thought the acting was strong and there were some great shots. Good job


The 'silent film' seemed like an afterthought, but the premise was cute enough to keep me invested.

Star-crossed Lovers? Not sure this was true to the genre, which is an important aspect of the competition. Wondering whether the 'silent film' angle was put in after technical issues? or maybe not. Either way, the music was distracting and didn't seem 'in keeping' with the short.

A lot of reviewers wondering if the 'silent film' style was on purpose or forced - and I say, who cares? It was funny, and incorporated the best use of the door-slamming element from the entire heat. The bigger problem for me was that it didn't fit the genre. A good attempt, but needs to embrace the genre more closely to really hit it out of the park.